February 26, 2019

Why HeySpace Is A Good Alternative To Trello

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Why HeySpace Is A Good Alternative To Trello

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1. Trello - a task management tool

2. Communication – a key to success

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4. Last but not least – the price

Trello - a task management tool

If you mention Trello to any project manager, there’s a pretty good chance the name rings a bell. That’s because Trello is undeniably one of the most widely recognized examples of task management software on the market. With the high level of flexibility you get with Trello, you can easily adjust it to the needs of your team and the requirements of a given project. The app has proven highly efficient and so has taken the productivity of many teams to the next level.

Trello is a perfect tool for Kanban-based project management. It is divided into boards, which contain lists of cards. These are reflections of your tasks, to which you can add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates, and so on. You can easily drag and drop the cards between different lists. And that's useful regardless of how you decide to categorize your workflow – be it according to phases, smaller projects, team members or in any other way. Thanks to that, you can accurately reflect the workflow at any given moment.\n\nSo the software does have a lot of advantages. But there are also functions that Trello doesn’t provide or that don’t work as well as they could. What are they?

Communication – a key to success

First of all, it lacks the communication component that really is crucial for effective workflow management. And as we all know very well, insufficient communication can be the cause of many problems within a team.

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One could think that there are many different channels which members of a team can use to communicate, even if Trello doesn’t provide such a feature. But sometimes they may confuse instead of doing any good. Also, real-time communication cannot really be replaced by any other means. Take email, for instance – it is indeed fundamental for communication in any company. But some matters simply require that you talk them over via chat and brainstorm on them with multiple members of your team at the same time. No one really likes going through numerous emails to get to the information they need at the moment and forwarding emails endlessly can also be counterproductive.

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But luckily, you can easily solve the problem with HeySpace. When it comes to task management, it is equally effective as Trello and on top of that, you get a communication feature that greatly improves teamwork. What is more, you can convert messages to tasks, so whenever you come up with an interesting idea during a discussion, you can easily follow up with a task, without unnecessary fuss.

Any changes – use the edit option

The only communication feature that Trello does have is the possibility to add comments to tasks. But it’s still not perfect, as once you add it, it can’t be edited. And this is a useful feature which eliminates the need to post multiple comments that distract others. In HeySpace, you can edit your comments whenever you feel the need to, which further improves the team’s communication.

Last but not least – the price

Yet another, and for some the most important, flaw of Trello is that it’s a bit pricey. While you can use HeySpace for free, apart from some features that you only get in the premium plan (reasonably-priced, too), using Trello comes with an additional cost for the employer. Trello has a free version as well, but the features it includes are certainly not enough for a majority of companies that use task management tools. So you do need to make sure the purchase will eventually pay off.


When choosing the perfect task management software for your needs, do make sure you weigh the pros and cons and go for the one that proves more efficient. Good management and unhindered communication will certainly improve the quality of your work – and that’s what HaySpace provides you with!

Try it out and see for yourself how good a tool it is!


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