March 20, 2019

Trello Alternative For Task Management

Project Management
Trello Alternative For Task Management

Good workflow management can significantly increase the productivity of your team. That’s why efficient task management software is a great solution for every team, whether big or small. Both HeySpace and Trello can be extremely useful in that matter. They both allow you to structure the workflow by creating tasks, assigning people, setting due dates and create checklists. But what can really work wonders is not only effective task management, but also, or maybe above all, good communication in the team.

HeySpace is a Trello alternative that will help your team collaborate on projects effectively and keep everything under control.

What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from Trello to HeySpace?

HeySpace combines the features of a task management platform and communication software. Switching to HeySpace will let you benefit from a two-in-one solution, so you will no longer need to use multiple apps to facilitate collaboration on projects. Not only is HeySpace equally useful, but also offers a premium plan for just half the price of Trello’s Business Class option.


What makes HeySpace a great Trello alternative?

The chat feature

Communication between team members is an integral element of effective management in any company. Regardless of the number of people collaborating on a project, poor communication will not bring satisfactory results. A chat feature will definitely help your team better understand the workflow and the needs of other team members. You no longer need to depend on other apps to supplement the task management software you use, as with HeySpace, you get everything you need in one place.

The price

Both HeySpace and Trello offer free basic plans, which are sufficient for small teams. But if the projects you work on are more demanding, you will most probably need premium features. With HeySpace, you get some extremely useful ones for just $5 user / month, while the Trello’s Business Class option comes to $12.99 user / month. What can you expect from the HeySpace premium plan? The possibility to attach files from Google Drive, upload files up to 100 MB, integrate the app with your preferred calendar and add tags and estimates to your task cards.

free vs premium

The number of spaces / team boards

In both plans offered by HeySpace, the basic one as well as the premium one, give you the possibility to create an unlimited number of spaces for you and your team. This option will further enhance your workflow and allow to cooperate within many different teams if need be. In the case of Trello, you only get the option of unlimited team boards in the Business Class option, while in the basic one you are limited to 10 team boards.

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