New in HeySpace: Trello Integration

Import your boards from Trello!

If you’d like to switch from Trello to HeySpace, but you don’t have time to set up a new tool, HeySpace now makes it much easier! Now you can integrate HeySpace with Trello to import your boards and enjoy even greater functionality. Switching to HeySpace will let you benefit from task management software and a communication platform combined into one powerful tool. Make the collaboration in your team smooth and efficient!


Why Integrate HeySpace With Trello?

Good task management is a must in every modern company. You have to adjust to the needs and of your customers and react quickly. You can’t waste time and you don’t want to compromise the productivity of your team. That’s why you need HeySpace – a two-in one solution that combines the features of task management software with a chat.

HeySpace allows to manage your tasks and communicate with team members in one place. Once you switch to HeySpace, you no longer have to use multiple tools to improve the communication in your team. HeySpacegives you everything you need at the same time being extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Boost the productivity of your team and give them tools they need for efficient collaboration. Sign up to HeySpace and see the benefits for yourself!





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