June 22, 2021

Ways to improve work performance

Ways to improve work performance

There are low chances to be 100% productive throughout the day. Our performance at work decreases slowly hour by hour and by the end of a working day we're thinking about everything but work. Imagine your thoughts are outside the office and your boss asks you for doing something crazy important right then, all of sudden. Giving up is not an option, will you pull yourself together to fulfill their orders? Let me help you and share some simple yet useful tips and ways to improve work performance!

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1. Track your time

2. Use collaboration tools

3. Create and maintain a clear schedule

   3.1. HeySpace

   3.2. Asana

   3.3. Trello

   3.4. Any.do

   3.5. Quire

   3.6. Taskworld

4. Perform one task at a time

5. Don't hesitate to help your employees

6. Communicate clearly

7. Track milestones

8. Take breaks

9. High work performance isn't about doing everyone else 's job

10. Create a clean workplace

Track your time

It's sometimes impossible to believe how much time we waste every day. And it happens even if we're thinking our performance is on the highest level of productivity. It's all because we are getting distracted easily and waste time on e.g. checking social media updates immediately after noticing a notification on the screen.

That's why we should track our time - knowing hard numbers is always a valid way of slamming us back onto the ground. A well-packed time tracker like TimeCamp provides you with a wide range of reports that show how much time exactly we dedicate to each task and compare the results on a weekly basis, monthly, or during the custom period.

TimeCamp timesheet

It also helps to improve work performance thanks to the attendance management feature. Having a tool that does the tedious employees' absence tracking itself is a huge help for the company and makes the entire process paperless. Eco-friendly!

Use collaboration tools

One of the most proven ways to improve your work performance is a proper task organization. Whether you're working on a student market research or a new branding campaign, it's important to give tasks in detail. But forget about writing everything down using paper and pencil - the world goes paperless and prefers the online solutions that work in the cloud. And it's understandable - these tools store all our tasks in one place that is easily accessible not just for us, but for our teammates as well.

But to make the entire collaboration process smooth, find an app that combines both task management and communication features. That's how HeySpace works - it combines Kanban boards and a chat feature that is known from Slack, so there's no need to jump between two or more tools to manage an entire project flawlessly. Your team member mentioned something important during the conversation? Turn the message into a task, assign people and start/end dates to it and track the progress. Smart, isn't it?

Create and maintain a clear schedule

It applies to both work-related and personal tasks. If we're not organized in private, how to expect something else when it comes to working?

But don't worry, it's not about planning the day carefully hour by hour and then stick to this plan. It's just impossible in times when things are changing so fast. What has been planned to do for a particular day, can be postponed because of the unexpected.

Grouping similar tasks together and putting them on the timeline (on a weekly or monthly basis) should be enough. For example, if you're a content specialist, try to schedule writing an article for the first two days of the week, finish it and then start other tasks planned for the rest of the week (like graphic design or writing smaller pieces of text). Don't forget to prioritize - always mark the most important tasks first and schedule the most time for them for better performance.

Here are some of the tasks that can be perfect for task scheduling. Use them to plan the daily tasks and reduce distractions caused by the chaos!

HeySpace task management
  • Asana- a well-known tool to manage work schedules and have an eye on team productivity. Blocks distractions perfectly because everything is one place and you don't need to jump between tools to manage tasks efficiently,
Asana project management
  • Trello- another Kanban-based app that works well for both teams and freelancers. Treat each board as a separate workspace, put tasks to be done in backlog, work on them if they're in progress, and mark when done,
Trello board
  • Any.do- a simple yet effective to-do app that works well as a task/meetings organizer and daily planner. It'll help you get things done faster and more productive,
Any.do calendar
  • Quire - the tool is based on a simple tasks-subtasks structure, so you can clearly see even the smallest components of ongoing projects. Just one glance at the board and you'll see if you should prepare for the meetings or you can focus on other tasks,
Quire app
  • Taskworld - one glance at its activity log is enough to see what needs to be done for the nearest future. It's an easy way to improve work performance.
Taskworld task board

Perform one task at a time

There are, of course, people who are highly skilled in multitasking. They just perform better if doing multiple things simultaneously and the results they provide speak for themselves. However, most people who are following this workstyle only believe they're skilled like that, and in fact, they have an overall concentration problem. It results in getting distracted easily and taking unnecessary breaks just because we're not sure what we should do right then.

That's why to ensure a steady high-level work performance, I recommend sticking to the plan and doing one thing at a time. Start from the most important tasks and leave these less demanding for the end of the working day, when you're probably the most distracted. Don't forget to take breaks between these blocks! Give this system a try and you'll find out you get things done on time and more efficiently.

Don't hesitate to help your employees

Your team is no doubts a bunch of talented individuals. Each employee is skilled in a different area and together, they make a perfect combination with high-performance level. However, it doesn't mean they're experts in all the fields, and sometimes they need feedback for their work.

Let them think they can rely on your and others' experience if they don't know how to solve a particular problem. The business runs smoother if the team members share their expertise and are ready to help if someone else needs it. How it benefits you? First of all, it prevents flaws and failure to deliver the work results on time. Second, it creates a bond truth-based bond between team members. Then, it's an occasion to share the knowledge and spend some valuable time with employees. An arranged workshop is a good idea - besides learning and exchanging skills, it's a perfect idea for team integration!

Communicate clearly

Don't assume all your messages will be immediately understood by other team members. Especially the recent, COVID-19 situation that forces teams to switch to remote model and asynchronous communication, introduces a level of uncertainty that can affect overall work performance.

HeySpace chat

That's why always ensure a good amount of time for checking twice your messages are crystal clear and easily understandable. No matter it's during face-to-face meetings, a phone call, or a conversation conducted via collaboration tool, making somebody confused by it can result in a waste of time for explaining everything from the scratch. Be as descriptive as you can and follow your words with an example ahead if needed.

Track milestones

Well, nothing works better if you want to improve your work performance than seeing you provide good work results. We often ignore the small team successes, enjoying only the huge ones we can proudly share with others. But they're also important in the work life!

When it comes to project management, each finished task is a small reason to celebrate. It makes the team much closer to deliver the entire project on time. And here the project management tools come with a helping hand - such apps not only organize the tasks and daily workflow but also improve the performance by showing what's already done or it on a perfect way to complete.

Take breaks

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are low chances that we can maintain the highest level of productivity and work performance during the entire day. Even if we're confident with our skills, the fatigue will make itself known sooner or later. The ability to focus decreases and we're more prone to distractions.

relax and take breaks

I know sometimes it's almost impossible to afford a full break, but sometimes a small one can work wonders. They make our brains more relaxed, reduce the body stiffness caused by a sedentary job, improve the ability to focus throughout the day. It's just essential for a healthy work style and honestly, for their own good, no one should argue with that.

High work performance isn't about doing everyone else 's job

Taking too much on our shoulders isn't one of the smartest ways to improve work performance. Sure, if we want to show the manager how productive we are doing all the important tasks in the smallest amount of time, it's just our business, but chances are high it won't be noticed by the superiors. Is it worth the effort?

No matter if you want to improve your work performance or not, stop with the "It'll be better if I do it" way of thinking. First of all, you're a team and the final result is a product of teamwork, not just your efforts. Second, how others can prove themselves they can perform the important tasks if someone else does it for them? Third, the overload plan affects badly productivity, because we hardly meet the deadlines without working overtime. It doesn't pay to waste time on that.

Create a clean workplace

No matter if you work in the office or at home, your desk reflects the way you work. If it's cluttered and you have to waste energy on looking for some important documents just because you don't remember where you put them before, it's a problem.

Try to create a neat workspace. Take a break if you feel the need to tidy it up because a small amount of time devoted to making it clean will result in better focus on tasks and being less prone to distractions. A decluttered workplace will definitely improve your work performance.

Hope you'll consider these ways to improve work performance as useful for your workstyle! I don't promise it will immediately make you more productive throughout the day, however, a slow but steady implementation will work wonders for your performance at work. Don't hesitate and share them with your employees - maybe they'll also find these tips worth implementing!


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