April 3, 2019

Wimi Alternative For Task Management

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Wimi Alternative For Task Management

HeySpace is a Wimi alternative that will boost the productivity of your team and enhance the communication among team members. HeySpace will help you do more, with less effort!


Efficient task management can significantly improve the performance of your team, but nothing works as effectively as good management combined with smooth communication. With both elements, you can be sure the collaboration will be more productive than it has ever been. What you need to facilitate the process is good management and communication software – let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between HeySpace and Wimi.

What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from Wimi to HeySpace?

HeySpace is flexible and highly intuitive software, which will help you take the collaboration in your team to the next level. It’s a two-in-one tool providing you with the resources you need to structure the workflow and successfully communicate with other team members. HeySpace offers a very attractive basic plan, which is free and will certainly satisfy the needs of small teams. Bigger businesses, on the other hand, can benefit from a reasonably priced and highly flexible premium plan.

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What makes HeySpace a great Wimi alternative?

The limit of members and spaces in the free plan and the price

HeySpace offers a very attractive free plan, which enables access for up to 5 members and gives you a chance to benefit from unlimited spaces and chats. The free plan will meet the needs of small teams which do not require advanced task management functions. Wimi, on the other hand limits the number of member allowed in their free plan to only 3, so it might not be sufficient even for small teams. Bigger teams can choose between other three plans, which come to €9, €15 and €18 user / month respectively, while the HeySpace premium plan is available for as little as $5 user / month.

In both plans offered by HeySpace, you get unlimited spaces and chats, while Wimi limits the number of spaces in the free plan to 8 and allows for an unlimited number of spaces only in the paid plans.

Desktop app availability

Wimi allows you to use a web app as well as a mobile one. With HeySpace, you also get the possibility to benefit from a desktop app. Thanks to that, users have the comfort of deciding which option works best for them and can have access to HeySpace whenever they need no matter where they are, which is extremely important for most of them.

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Converting messages to task cards

HeySpace offers a function which seems minor, yet proves highly efficient in day-to-day work, namely converting messages to task cards. All you need is just one click to create a new task and be able to continue the conversation without unnecessary interruptions. This function can be extremely useful while brainstorming on new ideas or discussing a project you are planning to implement.

The price

HeySpace offers a very attractive, free basic plan that will be perfectly suitable for teams of up to 5 members, as well as a more flexible premium plan to satisfy the needs of bigger teams and more complex projects. Wimi's free plan is available for teams of up to 3 members, while the other plans come to $9 - $18 user / month.


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