April 9, 2019

Zenkit Alternative For Task Management

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Zenkit Alternative For Task Management

The perfect task management tool is intuitive and easy to use, but at the same time provides advanced functionality and high efficiency. It helps you make sure your productivity increases and all your tasks are delivered on schedule. But that’s not all you need for effective collaboration with your team. There is one more element that can further enhance the comfort of your and your team’s work, and that is smooth communication. What you need is a collaboration tool that combines the features of task management software with a communication platform.

HeySpace is a Zenkit alternative that will give you exactly that – a two-in-one solution that will let you stay on top of your work and forget about missed deadlines once and for all.


What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from Zenkit to HeySpace?

HeySpace is an extremely user-friendly tool that combines two very useful functions, allowing you to manage tasks and communicate with your team effectively. Once you start using HeySpace, you no longer have to run multiple apps to collaborate with your team, which helps you not only save time but also money. On top of that, HeySpace is highly intuitive and therefore you can be sure that the onboarding process will be quick and easy for every member of your team, keeping them equally, or even more productive than before.


What makes HeySpace a great Zenkit alternative?

A communication feature

It’s common knowledge that smooth communication markedly increases the collaboration in a team. With that in mind, you should make sure your team has appropriate tools to fulfil their potential. HeySpace allows you to benefit from a communication platform. All members of a given space have access to a public chat and can also engage in private or group conversations. Apart from that, each task card has its own dedicated chat where assignees can discuss task-related matters and share updates. On top of that, messages can be converted to task cards with just one click – assigning tasks has never been easier!

The price

HeySpace offers a very attractive free basic plan, which will satisfy the needs of teams of up to 5 members and will be suitable for less complicated projects. Bigger teams with more demanding projects can subscribe for the premium plan, which comes to as little as $5 user / month. The premium plan gives more flexibility, with features such as tags, estimates, more upload and storage capacity and several useful integrations, for instance with Google Drive. The free plan offered by Zenkit is available for teams of up to 5 members, while the premium one is available for $9 user / month.


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