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This is the list of features in HeySpace.



Chat wherever you want: in Space, card, one-on-one or in a group. No more spamming general channels, no more searching for a task to refer to in conversation.

• Add file attachments, link Google Doc or Dropbox.
• @mention people to get their attention.
• React to messages or convert them into tasks.
• Respond to a specific message to avoid confusion.


Visualize your workflow on a new level with HeySpace board view! Don’t miss important tasks ever again.

• Structure your workflow by creating lists for tasks.
• Set start and due dates for clear project overview.
• Use estimates and votes in your tasks.
• Add tags, checklist or make your task recurring.
• Assign members to tasks and monitor progress.


and Timeline

Bring perspective to your daily work. Schedule events and tasks, display details and manage your work on a timeline to hit your deadlines!

• Calendar and timeline view for every Space.
• Personal calendar with all your tasks.
• Check timelines for multiple projects in OverWatch.

List view

Organize tasks in the project with our convenient list view.

• Sort, filter, and search for specific tasks,
• Edit task’s fields without opening every card,
• Add new cards directly from this view.



Get an overview of your top projects without switching Spaces.

• Choose Spaces you want to monitor,
• Use board, timeline, and chat.
• Manage your projects smarter.


All your tasks from different Spaces on one, useful list. You won’t forget about a single task ever again.

• Get an overview of your tasks from every Space.
• Sort your tasks by name, date, progress, space or list,
• Filter tasks to decide what to do next.


Add-ons and integrations

Benefit from additional features available in HeySpace. Connect with your existing apps to automate your workflow and collaborate seamlessly.

• export your tasks to external calendars
• set up video calls with Google Hangouts integration
make cards from emails in one click with Gmail integration
automate repetitive work with recurring tasks
export your Spaces to CSV
track time with TimeCamp integration
• import your boards from Trello
connect with 1000+ apps thorough Zapier
• integrationuse guest role to collaborate with your clients

GmailGoogle CalendarHangoutsGoogle DriveTrelloDropboxZapier

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