List of Time Solutions sp. z o.o. (100% owner of TimeCamp, Inc.) Sub-Processors

  1. Chargebee - subscription and payments processing
  2. Intercom - support tickets and livechat software
  3. Mailgun - email server
  4. Amplitude - software analytics, we have anonymous data there
  5. Gmail / Google - we use G Suite for our email, calendar, and documents hosting
  6. Freshmail - email automation software
  7. Calendly - automatic calendar scheduling software (only for people that schedule appointments)
  8. Weblate - translation into other languages
  9. Zeplin - application design
  10. Grafana - software analytics, we have anonymous data there
  11. Inspectlet - user session recording
  12. Google analytics - software analytics, we have anonymous data there
  13. Sentry - error tracking software
  14. - iOS app development
  15. Uptime Robot - uptime monitoring, no internal data
  16. Timecamp - time tracking software
  17. Firebase Cloud Messaging - our datacenter, notifications
  18. Amazon - our database

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